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Our Vision


Our vision is bring Integrative Medicine to Mainstream Veterinary and Human Medicine:  The “ONE MEDICINE” Concept. The calendars did a great job in getting our vision to the public. Now, we are planning two exciting new projects.




Our film project, "Dr. DoMore" will be a multi-part series of documentaries which will serve to explore and educate veterinarians, the public, and pet care-givers about complementary and alternative medical forms of healing and health. We presently have over 700 hours of film and interviews from over 150 veterinarians, pet caregivers and other caring professionals. Stayed tuned to this website for more information about these documentaries or join our mailing list.


Table-top Book


A Table-top book of Veterinarians exhibiting their modality of Integrative Veterinary Medicine of choice. 


Our History

The Dr. ShowMore Calendar was created as an educational and inspirational way to bring information to both the veterinary community and the animal care-taking community at large. Clever, artistic and inspiring, veterinarians from around the world have given their mind, body, and creative spirit to make this “Calendar Girl Movie” au natural calendar a big hit again.


The 2011 Dr. ShowMore Calendar sold close to 5,000 copies. It was promoted at over 17 conferences and meetings including AHVMA, NAVC, AVH, IVAS, MVC, IHS, Natural Products Expo, New England Pet Expo, Integrative Health Pet Expo Nova Scotia, Medical Collaborative Meeting Group Mass General Hospital. Given to 20 veterinary schools around the world, copies were passed around and viewed with great interest and big grins. It even went to the Sundance Film Festival 11, where is was given to over 100 actors and film related folks! Sent to Thailand, the calendar was the catalyst for their veterinary schools to include integrative care in the curriculum. It also enabled the Thai Royal Family’s cat to be treated with acupuncture and homeopathy in Bangkok.

The 2012 -2013 Dr. ShowMore gave the veterinary community and animal care-takers another chance to explore more ways to help their pets. It centered on the theme of Sustainable Green Medicine and how Integrative Medicine can Embody this Paradigm.


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