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The Naked Truth about Animal Health Care: The Dr. ShowMore Calendar

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New 2013 Dr. ShowMore Calendar

Revealing Integrative Veterinarians,
Featured in the 2013 Calendar


Dr. Margo Roman, DVM, announced today the availability of the 2013 Dr. ShowMore Calendar, a ‘Calendar Girls’ style calendar featuring 17 select holistic veterinarians from all over the world in tasteful, “AU NATURALE” photographs with their beloved animals.
The 1st Dr. ShowMore calendar was seen at over 20 medical and veterinary conferences, appeared on CBS & ABC news, featured in national and international magazines and newspapers, as well as the Sundance Film Festival.


"I look forward to the New Year with the “naked facts and bare truths” being exposed each month in this unique calendar by veterinarians sharing their wisdom on alternative and integrative medicine for our animal companions."
- Dr. Michael W. Fox, Veterinary Consultant and Columnist


“I read the calendar's every page and every word and it's so wonderful and so beautiful with so much good information.” 
- Rosemary Gladstar, Sage Mt. Herbs and International Herbal Symposium.


“Had fun with the calendar. Thanks and good luck in peace”
- Patch Adams, MD


“I have given this as a gift to my local veterinarians and animal shelter.”
- Bernie Siegal, MD


The calendar is designed to raise awareness for integrative veterinary medicine with 100% of the proceeds to be donated to veterinary student scholarships and the further education of integrative veterinary medicine.


Please visit: www.drshowmore.org and order yours today! Make sure to buy some extras for this year’s Holiday Season. ENJOY!




2013 Cover


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Integrative Veterinarians Featured in Revealing New Calendar

Calendar Raises Awareness for the Benefits of Integrative Veterinary Medicine


Hopkinton, Mass, (Dec 11, 2010) Dr. Margo Roman, DVM., announced today the availability of The Dr. ShowMore Calendar for 2011, a "Calendar Girls" style calendar featuring fourteen select holistic veterinarians in tasteful, artistic AU NATURAL photographs with their beloved animals. The calendar ishonoring the 250 year history of veterinary medicine and relatively recent acceptance of women as equals in this profession, as it captures the Human Animal Bond. It also is designed to raise awareness for integrative veterinary medicine with 100% of the proceeds to be donated to veterinary student scholarships and the further education of integrative veterinary medicine. It’s vision is the future of medicine and global healthcare, asintegrative medicine becomes the new Gold Standard.  

Integrative veterinary medicine is the application of nutrition, acupuncture, herbs, homeopathy, chiropractic and other modalities with traditional diagnostics in a balanced whole health approach to your pet’s healthcare. The innovative practice improves pet health through non-intrusive methods and dramatically reduces the cost of care. Real world success stories include the elimination of severe disc pain through chiropractic therapy with acupuncture and the avoidance of invasive surgery; treatment of various abscesses through homeopathic remedies and Ozone therapy; and the successful removal of kidney stones through a diet change - avoiding expensive, painful surgery.


The calendar project was conceived as a means to bring awareness about the benefits of integrative veterinary medicine to the public, as well as raise funding for veterinary students to broaden their knowledge of important integrative modalities. A portion of the proceeds will also assist with the expansion of the Dr DoMore project, a DVD that educates the public on integrative veterinary medicine. The calendar - celebrating the various modalities of integrative veterinary medicine – is in the style of the "Calendar Girls" project, in which members of the British Women’s Institute posed for a similar project, selling hundreds of thousands of copies of a calendar which continues to be updated and produced each year and was featured in the 2003 movie of the same name.
“We’re very excited about this calendar as we hope it will encourage people to look into integrative medicine for their pets and their families,” stated Dr Roman, who also appears in one of the beautifully shot photographs. “To be able to educate both the public and the veterinary profession about all the options of integrative medicine is the goal of the Dr. ShowMore Calendar. Both artistic and humorous this calendar will reach out and uncover ways to help caretakers so their animals can become and stay healthy.”
The calendar made its premier at the AHVMA (American Holistic Veterinary Medicine Association) conference in Kentucky, October 23-26, where over 800 copies were sold.